with Mariela and Day

Let's call it the year that was and wasn't.
Memorable and worthy of distraction.
Here's a few of our favorites...

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Mariela designed a dinner at a rooftop greenhouse and chefed amongst pros.


She also wrote a book for winning dinner. It's shipping soon!


Day designed software for a smaller, wireless, outdoor security camera.

Canary Flex

Then struck out on his own, helping Airbnb on the future of homes.


Mariela went around the world for work.


And Day finally returned to ski the Rockies.


We had a magical time in the Yucatán.


And went for long walks on the beach.

Fire Island

Moved so deep into Brooklyn we roasted a pig in the yard.

New York

Sailed up, down, and around the islands.

British Virgin Islands

The boys returned to conquer an old foe.

Avalanche Lake

And spent Christmas together in Arizona.

Grand Canyon

Happy 2017

Sending love and hugs!

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